What is a Simulated Diamond

The American Gem Trade Association defines a Simulated Diamond  as: “A man-made single crystal, which can be manufactured with different materials and designed to simulate the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural gemstone.”

There are several brand names of Simulated Diamonds in the market today. Each one having its own claims on how they simulate a real diamond. Regardless if you use Silicon Carbide, Zirconium Oxide, Aluminum Oxide or any other material as the basis to form the crystals, because they are not natural occurring stones, they are all considered “ Simulated Diamonds”.

The Pure Gems Simulated Diamond



Natural Diamonds attribute their colored hues to imperfections within the stone and their value is directly dependent upon the clarity of the stone. Pure Gems Diamonds are carefully crafted to be nearly flawless and colorless in every way. They are cut and faceted to achieve maximum brilliance without any imperfections; they resemble the same optical characteristics, have the ability to cut glass and can be shaped into all the same styles as natural diamonds.

The only difference in many experts’ opinions is the price. For the same clarity, cut, color and carat of a natural diamond that would fetch thousands of dollars, our simulated diamond of VVS1 quality rating are just a mere fraction of the cost.  Because of their superior quality, the Pure Gems Diamond is regarded as the Premier Simulated Diamond in the world.




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